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Islamic Republic of Iran
Embassy Address: No. 2, 23rd St., Khaled Eslamboli Ave., Tehran Telephone: +98 21 8386 3666 - Fax: +98 21 8872 0484 Immigration and Visa Enquiries: Tel: +98 21 8872 4456 - Fax: +98 21 8871 4121 Post Code: Tehran 1513934113 Iran




If you come to Australia by boat without a visa you won't be settled in Australia.



اگر بدون داشتن ویزا با قایق به استرالیا بروید، در آنجا سامان داده نخواهید شد


ارتباطات ضد قاچاقبری انسان

تغییرات در اسکان مجدد

دولت استرالیا قوانین خود را برای اسکان مجدد پناهندگان از اندونزی تغییر داده است.

گربه اندونزی سفر کنید وروز 1 جولای 2014 یا پس از آن در کمیساریای عالی پناهندگان سازمان ملل ثبت نام شده اید، شما برای اسکان مجدد در استرالیا در نظر گرفته نخواهید شد.

ظرفیت تعداد پذیرش استرالیا برای اسکان مجدد از میان پناهندگانی که پیش از 1 جولای 2014 در کمیساریای عالی پناهندگان سازمان ملل اندونزی ثبت نام شده اند، کاهش یافته است.

این قوانین برای همگان است. استثنایی وجود ندارد.



Operation Sovereign Borders

دولت استرالیا در حال اعمال سختترین تمهیدات محافظت از مرزها به منظور مقابله با قاچاق انسان از طریق دریا و محافظت از مرزهای استرالیا می باشد.

Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB) یک طرح امنیت مرزی است که توسط نیروهای نظامی اجرا می شود و هدف آن توقف لنج ها وانسانهایی هستند که جان خود را در دریا ویا دردستان تبهکاران به خطر می اندازند و نیز حفظ پودمان برنامه مهاجرتی استرالیا می باشد.

پناهجویانی که با لنج و بدون ویزا سفر کنند، به استرالیا نخواهند رسید. این قوانین در مورد همگان صدق می کند؛ خانواده ها، کودکان، کودکان بی سرپرست، افراد تحصیل کرده و دارای مهارت- استثنایی وجود ندارد.

عزم استرالیا درخصوص حفاظت از مرزهایش راسخ است و جلوی هر کسی را که بخواهد به طورغیر قانونی و با لنج بیاید می گیرد.

OSB Joint Agency Task Force در حال انجام پاره ای از فعالیت های ارتباطی برون مرزی است تا به افرادی که در نظر دارند با لنج وغیر قانونی به استرالیا سفر کنند اطلاع دهند که قوانین تغییر کرده اند. آنها نباید دروغهای قاچاقبران انسان را باور کنند و راهی وجود نخواهد داشت که استرالیا را وطن خود نمایند.




اطلاعات بیشتر در مورد عملیات اقتدار در مرزها


Changes to resettlement another blow to people smugglers – Media release by Minister of Immigration


Welcome to the website of the Australian Embassy in Tehran. Here you will find information on how to contact us, advice on the range of consular services available to Australian citizens, and information on visa and citizenship arrangements. There are also links to sites where you can obtain information about trade and investment advice and find information about Australia.

The Australian Embassy in Tehran is responsible for protecting Australia's national interests by  

• Maintaining and enhancing bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran
• Maintaining consular and passport services to Australian citizens in Iran
• Projecting a positive and accurate image of Australia
• Enhancing Iranian public understanding of Australia's foreign and trade policy.  



Australian visa application charges have increased from 1 September 2013. For all visa applications lodged on or after this date the new application fees will apply. For more information on the new prices, please go to

From 1 July 2013, a per-person charge will be introduced with each family member included in a visa application needing to pay the visa application charge.

There will be an additional charge of AUD80 for certain visas when visa applicants choose to lodge a paper application rather than an online application through the department’s eVisa service where this service is available..




All fees must be paid in Australian Dollars (AUD) at a Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Office in Australia

Payment of the visa application charge for an applicant outside Australia can be made in Australia, in Australian dollars (AUD) only.
Individuals will need to make their own arrangements for the payment of fees in AUD in Australia.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) receipt for the payment must be submitted with the application.

Preferred methods of payment in Australia are credit card, debit card in person or bank cheque or money order, drawn on an Australian based bank only, made payable to 'Department of Immigration and Border Protection'. Note: Personal cheques are not accepted.

Payment by cash in person may delay processing. Please do not send cash through the post.


• Payments can only be made at any DIBP office in Australia. Once the fee has been paid, please send the receipt, together with the visa application to the Embassy in Tehran.
Please note: receipt of payment must accompany your application and is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.
• For student visa applications please send the receipt, together with the visa application to the Australian Embassy in Amman, Jordan.
• The application fee for a skilled independent visa is required to be paid by credit card or bank draft and sent directly along with the application to the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre. Do not submit skilled independent visa applications to the Embassy in Tehran.

How to pay for an application by Credit Card from Overseas

Payments can be made in Australia, in Australian dollars, for an applicant outside Australia. Once the fee has been paid, you will need to provide a copy of the receipt with your application.

Acceptable payment methods, for payment in Australian dollars are:
o MasterCard
o Visa
o American Express
o Diners Club
o Pre-paid credit cards.

Before you lodge your application, please notify your bank of an upcoming foreign credit card transaction. Failure to do so may result in your transaction being declined. Without payment your application is invalid.

Credit card transactions in Australian dollars are processed in Australia. A credit card surcharge may apply to transactions made using your credit card.

For us to process your payment, you must fill in the Form 1440 - Payment Details at

After you have completed this form, you will need to email it to

Important information:

• Allow up to 3 working days for us to process your payment. We are unable to assist you with follow-up enquiries if your request falls within this timeframe.
• To avoid delay ensure you have provided the correct personal details of the applicant.
• Where possible, complete the form electronically to avoid issues with legibility. If you are not completing the form electronically, you will need to write neatly in BLOCK LETTERS.
• Take care when filling in the form as the payment receipt will be issued based on the information you have provided. If you require any amendments to be made to the payment receipt, send your amended request to with the following details:

o Copy of the payment receipt
o Details that need to be amended
o Contact details of the person requesting the amendment: Name, phone, email (and postal address if the receipt is to be returned by post).

Further information on paying by credit card in Australia is available at

For information regarding Visa Application Charges

For further information about how to pay the Visa Application Charge and other charges in Australian Dollars see:

For information on pricing of visa application charges and other fees please refer to the visa pricing table at:




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