Australian Embassy
Islamic Republic of Iran

Local Development Cooperation

The Direct Aid Program

The Direct Aid Program (DAP) funds projects that relieve hardship and advance developmental objectives in Iran. The Embassy supports small development projects from individuals, community groups and non-governmental organisations on a not-for-profit basis. The Embassy funds projects that:


- improve quality of life and increased access to employment opportunities for women and girls, and persons living with a disability; and

- establish education programs (e.g., basic literacy, gender equality, drug and health awareness, water, and sanitation), vocational training initiatives within poor urban communities and contribution to medical facilities for treatment of the disadvantaged groups; and

- alleviate poverty within the Afghan refugee community (by supporting educational institutions and providing increased access to vocational training, employment opportunities, improved settlement, and sanitary water).


How to apply

The DAP receives proposals through an online service. To learn more, please visit

For FAQs, please visit's/

Our online service to receive DAP proposals for 2023-2024 is open until 5 September 2023. Please make sure to apply well in advance through the following link:

DAP Indicative Timeline

22 August-5 September

Applicants submit DAP project proposals


Embassy assesses project proposals.


Successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified. Funds are allocated.

By 31 May

Applicants submit original financial receipts and End-of-Project acquittal report.


Embassy visits completed projects.