Australian Embassy
Islamic Republic of Iran



Public Holidays 2019

The Embassy will be closed on:

01/01/2019 Tuesday New Year's Day
11/02/2019 Monday Victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran
21/03/2019 Thursday Iranian New Year (1398) Nowrooz (1st day)
24/03/2019 Sunday Iranian New Year (1397) Nowrooz (4th day)
02/04/2019 Tuesday 13th of Nowrooz (Nature Day)
21/04/2019 Sunday Easter Sunday
26/05/2019 Sunday Reconciliation Day (in-lieu)
04/06/2019 Tuesday Demise of Emam Khomeini
05/06/2019 Wednesday Eid Fiter
06/06/2019 Thursday Queen's Birthday (in lieu)
11/08/2019 Sunday Eide-Qorban
27/10/2019 Sunday Passing of Prophet Mohammad
25/12/2019 Wednesday Christmas Day
26/12/2019 Thursday Boxing Day